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    • "We have already surpassed the numbers we were getting with Adwords. This is simply amazing! Our marketing guy was looking at it and he has several clients who also want to get involved."

      Dennis S. Alexander

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    • At SEO Geelong, search engine optimisation is truly the specialty of our services. We’ve been in the business for years and we’ve helped to rank our clients’ websites highly for some of the most challenging keyword combinations imaginable.

    • At SEO Geelong, we understand more than most just how challenging it can be to forge any semblance of a social media presence – and that’s why we’re proud to offer some of the best social media marketing services in Geelong.

    • Without a user-friendly website available online, more and more Geelong businesses are finding that they are struggling to reach their annual expectations which can simply be remedied by our years of website development experience.

    • If your website has recently become the victim of a Google penalty for keyword spamming, back link abuse, or any other unfortunate activity, then we are here to help. We specialise in helping our clients re-enter search page results.

    • With so many other online platforms available for local businesses to advertise their products and services on today, it is essential that they are all correctly and efficiently optimised to gain the best online presence. This is one of our specialties! 

    • If you have an online presence and offer services and products to the Greater Geelong area it is essential your website and other online platforms are correctly optimised for the Geelong region so your customers can find you online. Let us help. 


    • Never heard of Semantic Search?. Then chances are your competing businesses haven't either. It is becoming more and more important that your website is configured correctly and is configured for semantic search. 

    • Content and email marketing is all about creating content and sharing free of charge to customers, the public and potential customers. Content marketing is one of the best ways to attract new clients and educate people on your products and services.

    • What We Do

      Here at SEO Geelong, we are not like most businesses offering online services who will generally not achieve what you are looking for. We specialise in one thing and one thing only... SEO or Search Engine Optimisation that is designed to deliver an excellent return on investment for your local Geelong business.

    • Our Approach

      Is fully transparent and professional in delivering exceptional results above our clients expectations. Combined with our attention to detail and hard work, our SEO services simply deliver.  

    • Today more than ever consumers use mobile devices and tablets to search for local businesses, services and products in the greater Geelong, Bellerine Peninsula and Surfcoast areas. It is essential that your website is FULLY responsive so it shows up correctly on all these devices so future customers can simply view your services and products. Find out more here...

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